How to self-make Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey Eyes is a simple make-up that you can do on your own. At the same time, it is a sexy makeup that will not go “out of style” too soon considering that this year reached its peak and was voted in New York Fashion as one of the most beautiful makeups.


What is Smokey Eyes Makeup?

Smokey Eyes Makeup


Smokey Eyes Make-up is an effect created by the application of a smoky eye shadow on the eyelids and eyelashes that is “spattered” along the upper and lower lines of the eyelashes. It is also known as shadow eye makeup.


Why is it so popular?

Smokey Eyes in ascending trend


The secret of the popularity of this trend is that smoky eyes can dramatically change your face, transforming you from girl-next-door, into an elegant diva. This type of makeup can be worn at any event with any type of dress. Smokey Eyes classic is the black smoky makeup, but this trend has evolved and you can match it with your dress, purse or shoes, choosing a color to the detriment of classic black shadow.


Color palettes for Smokey Eyes


The color palettes for Smokey Eyes are very wide, so you can choose what you like or match it with something you wear. The limit is your imagination! You can also find ideas for Smokey Eyes Makeup for different colors here.


How you can make your
Smokey Eyes makeup?


Step 1: Contour

Smoky eyes application 1


Go to the outline of your eyes with a black pencil. You have to make the thicker line along the top lashes.


Step 2: Apply the base color

Smoky eyes application 2


With a brush or a special sponge, apply the base coat to the eyelids, about halfway through the eyebrows, blending it gently.


Step 3: Apply the contour color

Smoky eyes application 3


With a special sponge for makeup, apply the color blush for contour around your eyes, mixing well with the pencil line.


Step 4: Apply color to the eye bent

Smoky eyes application 4


Close the eye halfway and apply the color at the top, where is the eye bent.


Step 5: Apply the shadows

Smoky eyes application 5


You will now need to define the outer corners of your eyes using a horizontal “V” shape. The bottom end from the “V” will control the shape of your eyes apparent.


Step 6: Last finishes

Smoky eyes application 6


With a medium-soft round brush, mix the eye shadow on the upper eyelid. With a flat brush, mix the eye shadow on the lower eyelid.



How the Smokey eyes are made



Too much shade for Smokey Eyes makeup can turn an event makeup into a club makeup. So, depending on the party you are attending, choose the ideal way to make your Smokey Eyes Makeup.

Final words for Smokey Eyes makeup


This type of makeup will remain very trendy, so you can do it now and over 10 years when you look at the pictures, you’ll not be ashamed of the type of makeup you chose.